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CFTK focuses on providing free art supplies opportunities and experiences, because we believe art is therapy.

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Formed in the Summer of 2020, Can't Forget The Kids (CFTK) saw an opportunity to reach out and assist the youth in a time in which they were most vulnerable; from their lives initially being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, to witnessing their home city as the epicenter of a societal awakening following the murder of George Floyd. 


We acknowledge that children may not always have the capacity to express themselves through words, so providing an outlet where they can express themselves through creativity is important. Art is a form of therapy that we believe all youth deserve access to.

We began as an initiative to just provide as many youth as we could in Minneapolis & St. Paul with art supplies, in which we were successful in providing over 1,500 children with art kits. In the beginning we had no long term goals, our one and only goal was to give back as much as we could until donations ran out. Through faith, support and funding, we have been granted the opportunity to establish ourselves as a non-profit organization and gain a position where we could do more for the youth than just simply distribute art supplies. 


Our goal is to meet children where they are, whether that's through schools, after school programs or organizations in community. We are focused on giving back through hosting art events and classes, offering microgrants to young artists, and art kit distributions.


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